ACETAMINOPHEN - (103-90-2)


Name: acetaminophen; N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetamide; paracetamol
CAS Number: 103-90-2
Chemical Formula: C8H9NO2
Molar Mass: 151.16256 g
Mass Percent: C 63.564 %; H 6.0011 %; N 9.2659 %; O 21.168 % 
Isomers:  p-nitroethylbenzene  •  1,3-dimethyl-2-nitrobenzene  •  2,3-dimethylnitrobenzene  •  1,2-dimethyl-4-nitrobenzene


• organic • aromatic • phenol • secondary amine


• "In addition to its use as a pain reliever, acetaminophen has a number of industrial uses, including: Stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide solutions, to prevent the peroxide from breaking down too quickly...Raw material in the production of other pharmaceutical compounds...Raw material in the manufacture of photographic chemicals...Raw material in the production of azo dyes, dyes that contain nitrogen atoms at the core of their molecules." 1


Double Bonds: 4
Triple Bonds: 0
σ Bonds: 20
π Bonds: 4
Total: 24
Carboxyl Groups: 0
Hydroxyl Groups: 1

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(1) - Schlager, Neil, Weisblatt, Jayne, Newton, David E., and Montney, Charles B. Chemical Compounds Vol. 1; Thomson-Gale: Detroit, MI, 2006; pp 20-21.

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